Silver Jewelry – 5 Different Meanings on Wearing Them

There are people who are fond of wearing gold jewelry. But there are those who also find it appealing to wear silver jewelry. Well, as with wearing gold jewelry, wearing silver versions may also reflect your personality.

People may give several meanings to the fact that you wear silver jewelry. You may also have your own definition on why another person wears a piece made of silver. Well, every individual may have his own interpretation on silver jewelry wearing but the truth is the choice of owning one is more of a reflection of who you are. From there, five different meanings of wearing silver jewelry can be derived.

Wearing silver means that you are not an avid fan of gold
Gold is one of the most classic precious metals used in the making of jewelries. Classic as gold jewelry can be, you may not be a fan of the precious metal. You think that wearing silver jewelry is better than getting pieces that are made out of gold.

People who wear silver means they want to fit in the crowd
As mentioned, gold jewelry is more traditional than silver. In fact, if you try to recall Hollywood stars walking via the red carpet, you will notice that most stars of today wear silver. If celebrities wear these magnificent pieces, then you will also be enticed to wear one.

Wearing silver means that you want to be as simple as possible
You have always heard the famous phrase “simplicity is beauty”. Well, the same is true when it comes to wearing silver jewelry. Although, these pieces are available in different sizes, forms and shapes, simplicity is a quality that stands out when speaking of silver jewelry. In fact, the simplicity of these pieces also reflects elegance. This being said, you can captivate the eyes of people who notice that you are wearing one.

Wearing silver means that you are more of a family person
What does that mean? Well, being a family person means that you care more about the needs of your family. You wear silver jewelry because wearing gold jewelry may mean more expense on your pocket. Silver jewelries are available in different materials and most of them can be purchased at an affordable price. Rather than spending for a pricier gold or diamond jewelry, you will choose to spend on a price-friendly silver jewelry.

Wearing silver means that you are confident about yourself
You do not have to be a Hollywood star to be able to wear silver. What matters is you have the attitude to flaunt the pieces without actually being boastful about it. It also means that you do not need to brag about wearing 24-karat gold just to get recognized in a crowd. Wearing silver jewelry will make you look as stunning as others who opt for gold and diamond versions.

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