How to Be Safe on Campus

The best way to stay safe is to take charge of your safety and avoid potentially dangerous situations. That’s easier said than done. Students come into contact with numerous people in campus life. Each day, professors, office personnel, custodial people, food providers, and delivery people can be encountered on campus 먹튀사이트.

College students need to add safety levels to their surroundings with the following tips:

1.Learn what campus security offers, and how their services can increase your safety. Ask if their services are limited to specific campus areas, or if some areas are patrolled regularly and in recurring time schedules.

2.Most campuses have provisions for lighting commonly traveled paths after dark. Stick to walking on lighted paths and do not take short cuts,

3.Many times dormitory security is inadequate, or doesn’t exist at all. Be sure you keep your room locked at all times. Never provide free reign and easy access to your possessions or privacy. Only allow others in your room when you invite them.

4.Make identifying marks on your valuable items, such as computers, televisions, stereos, cell phones, and jewelry. If an item is stolen, authorities can verify your items once they are found. You might also be able to register your valuables with the campus security.

5.Always let a roommate or friend know where you are going and how long you might be away when you leave the campus. Provide them with your cell phone number in case they needed to make contact with you.

6.Always have the company of at least one other person when jogging or exercising outdoors. This applies to on or off campus exercising routines or events.

7.Avoid wearing headphones that impair your ability to hear what is going on in your surroundings. Being alert and aware of your surroundings can reduce a serious or tragic confrontation.

Campus life can offer exciting and happy times. Many long-term friendships are developed on campus. Enjoy the rewards, enriching experiences, and empowering opportunities, but do not let your guard down. Be aware and trust your intuitions.

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